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Start a product sampling campaign, flyer distribution, packaging inserts, or recipe sponsorship with us and get your brand and product in front of Canadians at dinner time.


Give them a chance to really try your product on its own or with one of our recipes.

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Our Offerings

Product Sampling

Our customers LOVE free samples. Let us send your food, beverage or product sample to our customers to try!

With our Product Sampling Program, YOU can reach over 100,000 unique households in a single week! From the comfort of their kitchens and over dinner, families can learn about your product. We even let you include an insert so they can learn more!

HF food sampling marketing

Flyer Distribution / In-Box / Packaging Inserts

Get families talking about you at dinner time!

We can include your inserts and/or flyers highlighting your brand and product in our weekly deliveries all over Canada. Enhance your marketing efforts with our flyer distribution reaching up to 100,000 Canadian households per week. Get a quote today!

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Recipe Integration

Work with our culinary team to build custom recipes featuring your product. We will also support with e-blasts and our social channels.

Show Canadian families fun and interesting ways to experience it and build lasting brand experiences.


Recipe Sponsorship

Sponsor our weekly recipes to get your brand right in front of families for an entire week as they cook their dinner through week.

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Reach A Large Audience Of High Income Canadian Households

We deliver to thousands of households all across Canada from British Columbia to Newfoundland & Labrador on a weekly basis giving you a chance to talk to all of them through the year. Our households skew towards larger houses with higher income which are great for brands focusing on this segment.


Be A Part Of Weeknight Dinner Time

Our customers are expecting our deliveries and our boxes bypass the door and go directly to Canadian homes and kitchens. We can let you be a part of this intimate unboxing experience as the family cooks dinner to build a strong and lasting brand experience.


We Ask Our Customers What They Think

Our customers spend over 4.5 hours per week selecting recipes, opening their box, cooking and enjoying delicious meals.


We Ask Our Customers What They Think

To better help brands, we also run post product sampling surveys to get a sense of if they liked the product and if they would buy. We can tailor the survey to your needs so they are not only trying out your product but giving you direct feedback.

Case Studies

Samples for Specialty Tea

An international tea brand approached HelloFresh to sample two flavours of tea to customers during the fall. A discount voucher for 20% off at retail and online was included with the two samples to drive purchase.

1%Conversion Rate

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Inserts for a Mother's Day Sale

A confectionary brand approached HelloFresh to drive sales of their product line during a key seasonal period (Mother’s Day). The brand offered a 20% discount at retail and online.

1.25%ROI on Inserts
0.75%Conversion Rate

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Chocolate Sampling

A confectionary brand approached HelloFresh to sample one of their flagship chocolate lines.

"We immediately fell in love and crave for more. My son loved it and told us to buy in the grocery as soon as possible! One of the best Chocolates we tasted ever! Awesomeness!"

4.85/5Average Product Rating

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Cheese Maker Recipe Integration

Sponsor our weekly recipes to get your brand right in front of families for an entire week as they cook their dinner through week.

"This was one of my most favourite meals yet!! I was sad when I ate the last bite. I hope this shows up on the menu again soon!"

3.43/4Recipe Score

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