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Want to get your brand in front of a new audience? Or surprise your partners or staff with a cooking adventure from Canada’s #1 meal kit? Then partner with us!

Here’s How We Can Work Together


Product Sampling & Recipe Features

Maximize brand awareness at key unboxing moments! Introduce your product or service to our customers with in-box samples, inserts, promotions, or recipes partnerships.

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Employee Benefits

Make a big impact in your team’s daily lives! Treat your employees to healthy, in-office meals, a one-time gift, or ongoing discounts.

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Custom Collaborations

Let’s introduce consumers to each other’s brand! Collaborate on exclusive discounts for your communities, social giveaways, affiliate partners, influencer marketing, brand partnerships, co-marketing, new supplier partners, and anything else.

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Why Partner With HelloFresh?

Drive Results with HelloFresh Partnerships

Drive Tangible Results

Our in box promotions can help build awareness or drive sales of your product at retail and online. Whether you're a CPG, baked goods, household product brand, or operate in another industry, we've got you covered.

Benefit Employees

Benefit Your Employees

Food brings people together! Enhance your company culture by providing a unique and delicious culinary experience.

product feedback

Get Product Feedback

To better help brands, we run post sampling surveys to get a sense of if they liked the product and if they would buy. We can tailor the survey to your needs so they are not only trying out your product but giving you direct feedback.

Customer Base

Reach a Large Customer Base

We deliver to thousands of households all across Canada from British Columbia to Newfoundland & Labrador on a weekly basis, giving your brand or product a chance to be seen year-round through our HelloFresh partnership.


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